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Dell Management How to update firmware 1 Move all running VMs to the host you are not going to update 1 Click on the datacenter (bps 1221 in MSU's case) an...
* PowerVaultManagement * MD3220Testing Documentation * Dell MD3220 Main.TomRockwell 15 Mar 2012
ESXi Patches This page describes how to patch the ESXi hosts Installing patches For each host you want to update, do the following steps: 1 Click on the host...
Some quick tests using SysBench. Some tests using dd. Main.TomRockwell 15 Mar 2012
PowerVault Management Dell calls this software "PowerVault Modular Disk Storage Manager". It is used to manage the PowerVault shelves that have internal RAID cont...
SysBench Tarball Install Get it from Have 0.4.12, to build, in unpacked source directory: yum install libtool libtooliz...
Moving msu vcenter to msu vcenter was initially configured to run on the internal network. After some discussion with Shawn, it was decided that it woul...
* DellPowerVault Main.TomRockwell 15 Mar 2012
vSphere Replication Appliance The vSphere Replication Appliance can be used to maintain a copy of a VM. At AGLT2 we will use it to keep copies of VMs from UM at M...
Notes on Applying the vSphere 5.1a Update Applied the vSphere 5.1 update to the ESXi hosts and vCenter server. In theory, this is relatively straight forward pro...
vSphere 5.5 update notes Update path Recommended path: UM vCenter update (It hosts SSO) MSU vCenter update MSU/UM esxi host update UM vCenter update The first a...
VMware CLI VMware offers a wide range of management tools, with over lapping capabilities. ESXi v5 includes a pretty useful shell on the actual VM host. VMware al...
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VMWare Subweb * MSUProject * VMWareHardware * VMwareCLI Using command line tools * HostProfiles Using host profiles for managing the ESXi hosts * V...
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AGLT2/VMWare Web Preferences Appearance * Set WEBBGCOLOR = #efefef * web specific background color, current color * Set SITEMAPLIST = on * se...
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