Moving msu-vcenter to

msu-vcenter was initially configured to run on the internal network. After some discussion with Shawn, it was decided that it would be best for it to be on instead. msu-vcenter was already configured, so instead of making a new vCenter install, the existing install was reconfigured to use

After adding the new NIC and configuring the IP address, SSO was configured but was not completely functional. msu-vcenter was able to see and manage umvmgt's hosts, but umvmgt could not connect to msu-vcenter. When one logged into umvmgt, an error message like "could not connect to msu-vcenter;msulocal:####/sdk" popped up at the top. After some googling I found the problem. Apparently there is an internal Lookup Service which points a remote machine to all of other services that msu-vcenter offers. Although msu-vcenter itself presents itself on, the Lookup Service was pointing umvmgt to the msulocal domain. This was fixed with the following steps:
  • In the advanced settings of msu-vcenter, any option with text pointing to a msulocal site was changed to (I had to use the windows client for this. The web client seems to either be bugged or not allow changes to these settings)
  • Add to /etc/hosts on msu-vcenter
-- JamesKoll - 10 May 2013
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