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Building megaraid_sas driver RPM for Rocks (v00.00.03.21)

  1. Get the latest driver download from Dell. It should include or be a dkms rpm.
  2. Install the rpm on a representative node. If it works and builds a kernel module, great. Skip next step, go to step 4.
  3. If it fails to build you might have to edit the dkms.conf file to force it to apply a RHEL5 specific patch to our systems running 2.6.20-20UL5. If you attempt to build a new kernel module from the dkms RPM provided by Dell and it fails with "error: unknown field `eh_timed_out' specified in initializer" then this is probably your problem. Open the file /var/lib/dkms/megaraid_sas/v00.00.03.21/source/dkms.conf and locate these two lines:
    Change PATCH_MATCH[11] to read:

    Retry the build. ("dkms build -m megaraid_sas -v v00.00.03.21"). You should see an indication of the patch being applied and get a successful build. Do "dkms install ..." to install the module at this point, or just move on to building an RPM for installation on other systems.
  4. Build an RPM distributable to other systems running same kernel: "dkms mkrpm -m megaraid_sas -v v00.00.03.21"

-- TomRockwell - 09 Jan 2008
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