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MDTChambers Monitored Drift Tube commissioning application

MDTChambers is a web-based application designed at AGLT2 for easy overview and logging of the commissioning status for MDTs in the ATLAS detector. The UM group played a large part in the manufacture and placement of these tubes and this application was used by our team during installing and commissioning.

The front-end interface of the application is written in PHP and the backend database can be any database supported by the PHP ADODB library (MySQL and Oracle tested fully). Though originally written for a MySQL backend and hosted at AGLT2, the application moved to be hosted inside ATLAS Point 1 so that it could be accessed from that isolated network. Users outside the network see a read-only version. At CERN the database backend is the Oracle ATLAS conditions database server.

For authorized users with a CERN login it can be viewed here:

The CERN Twiki page regarding this application and associated database is here:


Screenshot of status overview page

Screenshot of MDT overview page

Screenshot of chamber history page

Screenshot of MDT history page

Screenshot of MDT data input page

Screenshot of chamber data input page