Heavy-ion fill in ATLAS

ATLAS Computing and Muon Calibration Center

ATLAS Calibration Database tool


This Python based tool was written to enable easier manipulation of ATLAS calibration data in our local Oracle calibration database. Initially developed as a tool to insert calibration constants from our gas monitoring system it has matured into a fully featured calibration database manipulation tool. It has the the capability to insert, delete, or copy calibration constant records at the tube, chamber, or all-inclusive level. It can mark constants as valid or invalid with the same granularity. The tool also can copy data between any two calibration database instances or within one database.

Since implementing the capability to replicate calibration datasets between databases we have begun using the calibration database tool to replicate calibration data to CERN from the three calibration sites (Ann Arbor/UM, Munich, Rome/CNAF). This functionality replaces Oracle streams database replication.

The code for this application is hosted in the ATLAS SVN repository at CERN. If you have appropriate access rights the code for the "calibdata" tool can be viewed online in the CERN svn viewer. It also depends on the MuonFixedIdUnpack module from the MuonCalibIdentifier package.