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Original Lustre Setup by Wenjing

New Lustre Setup and Configuration - March 2010

  • HASetup
  • New Lustre setup and configuration information using VMware MGS node, HA clustered MDT nodes and UMFS05/UMFS18 OSSes. Multipath config from lmd nodes attached here.
  • Lustre reinstall notes (April 20, 2010) to clean up initial install problems (missing OSTs, setup for "failout" instead of default "failover")
  • LustreBackup Backup and restore of Lustre meta-data.
  • AddingAnOSS Adding a new file server (OSS) to Lustre, with all of its new OST
  • LustreUpgrade? Upgrade Lustre from 1.8.3 to 1.8.4 (to be written)
  • Lustre 2.1.6 Upgrade

Even newer Lustre, version 2.7.0, April 2015

Lustre 2.10 + ZFS 0.7.1

The newest incarnation. See link below to review the details of building patchless kernel RPMs (doesn't require rebuilding RPMs for minor kernel updates on the servers):

Procedures -- Cookbooks, etc, on performing various actions within Lustre

  • BuildForNewKernel How to build Lustre rpms for a new (client only) kernel version
  • MigratingToNewOST Migration of files from filled OST when new, empty OST are added, thereby balancing the content.
  • ReFormatOST Procedure to empty and reformat the underlying RAID of an OSS
-- WenjingWu - 15 Dec 2008
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