This is to deploy a test lustre file system, assume all software repository is installed

I deploy a test file system on 2 nodes, with lustre-2.10.4, then I will try to update lustre from 2.10.4 to 2.12.13

Mgs(management Service ) and mdt(metadata service) are installed on one node, this node can either use ldiskfs or zfs as underlying partition to make lustre file system. In both test nodes, I already created one zpool(ost-001) on each node.

Install mdtmgs

umdist11#mkfs.lustre --backfstype=zfs --fsname=t3test --mgs --mdt  ost-001/mdtmgs
umdist11#zfs list
ost-001         16.4M   220T   256K  none
ost-001/mdtmgs  13.7M   220T  13.7M  none

You can also use \x93zfs destroy ost-001/mdtmgs\x94 to remove it

To show the attributes of the file system
#tunefs.lustre ost-001/mdtmgs 

Mount the mgsmdt

#mkdir /lustre/mgt
# mount -t lustre ost-001/mdtmgs /lustre/mgt/
#lctl dl

Install OSS/OST

umdist12#mkfs.lustre --backfstype=zfs --fsname=t3test --mgsnode= --ost --index=0 ost-001/ost0001
umdist12#zfs list
umdist12#zfs get all -s local
umdist12#tunefs.lustre ost-001/ost0001
umdist12#mount -t lustre ost-001/ost0001 /mnt/ost-001/
#lctl dl

Mount the client

bl-2-1#mount -t lustre /lustre/t3test/
[root@bl-2-1 ~]# cd /lustre/t3test/
[root@bl-2-1 t3test]# dd if=/dev/zero of=file2 bs=10M count=1000
[root@umdist12 tools]# df -h /mnt/ost-001
Filesystem       Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
ost-001/ost0001  219T  9.8G  219T   1% /mnt/ost-001

[root@bl-2-1 t3test]# lfs df -h /luste/t3test
UUID                       bytes        Used   Available Use% Mounted on
t3test-MDT0000_UUID       218.7T       13.6M      218.7T   0% /lustre/t3test[MDT:0]
t3test-OST0000_UUID       218.7T        9.8G      218.7T   0% /lustre/t3test[OST:0]
filesystem_summary:       218.7T        9.8G      218.7T   0% /lustre/t3test

-- WenjingWu - 07 Feb 2020
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