Updating umrocksi.aglt2.org to the most recent SL5.4 rpm set

Following is a description of the process followed to ready a Rocks 5.3 client node built with the SL5.4 DVD set for 2 purposes:
  • Add the most recent rpm set, including the security-updated kernel
  • Add the stock openafs rpm set, replacing those explicitly built for AGLT2

Build dc2-3-16 from umrocksi using the Rocks 5.2 xml from umrocks.aglt2.org
yum install yum-downloadonly

(note the skip-broken below is needed because of problems satisfying the AGLT2 
openafs installation)

Copy dag.repo, sl.repo and sl-security.repo to /etc/yum.repos.d
yum update --skip-broken --enablerepo=sl-base --enablerepo=sl-security \
--enablerepo=dag --downloadonly --downloaddir=/tmp/update2-rpms 

See the attached list of rpms this command down-loaded

All of these rpms were copied to the /export/rocks/install/contrib/5.3/x86_64/RPMS directory,
for the 4 openafs rpms.  umrocksi runs the stock openafs so they are not needed in the 
contrib directory
   ***** This may be different at MSU? *****

Six rpms already in contrib are superceded by this new rpm set and were deleted.  These are:

In addition all six AGLT2-specific openafs rpms were deleted

Finally, the appropriate kernel module for openafs is added to the contrib directory.
This must be forced into the Rocks build by an explicit package declaration.

The mptlinux rpm required an update for the new kernel.  Following a subsequent 
client build, this was re-created and folded back into the contrib directory.

The stock openafs has a default 100MB cache allocation. It is recommended that it have its own partition so that the allocation is guaranteed to be available. The xml file for all appliances should have the following partition specification established.

part /var/cache/openafs --size 2200 --ondisk sda

After Rocks gets through with this specification, 2.0GB of space is left available. The /etc/sysconfig/afs file is then modified by the build to specify 95% of this as useful, like so

sed -i s/^CACHESIZE.*/CACHESIZE=1900000/ /etc/sysconfig/afs

The full afs-client.xml file content is reproduced here.
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>



      AFS Client Setup



      Initial Version, copied from extend-compute.xml  TDR 2007/10/30
      Mods for startup, BB 2007/12/07
      Mods to use stock SL5.4 openafs BB 2010/02/04




<file name="/usr/vice/etc/ThisCell">

# Force 2GB of afs cache
#   For workers with a specific cache partition set up, the available
#   size will be 2.0GB, so specify 95% of that partition a'la openafs docs
sed -i s/^CACHESIZE.*/CACHESIZE=1900000/ /etc/sysconfig/afs

# This is also done by krb5-client
<file name="/etc/pam.d/system-auth">
<include file="file/system-auth" />

# Start afs at boot time.  That appears to not be the default
chkconfig afs on



-- BobBall - 05 Feb 2010
  • newrpms2.txt: List of rpms downloaded for the SL5.4 yum update
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