How to update OSG and condor-ce on gatekeepers

The following steps should be first tested on gate03, if it works, then do it on gate01/02

Please note: the gate keeper run both condor and condor-ce, both are updated from the osg repo, htcondor-ce has a different version rather than the condor version which is defined by OSG release.

condor-ce is receiving jobs from different vos according to the job rounter, and condor shedules the jobs to the work nodes of the cluster.

1) update osg-release, which includes the yum repo files

Identify which is the current version of osg-release from

In (cfengine), edit it to change it to the available version

package_version => "9.osg34.el6",

On the node, if an older osg-release is installed, need to remove the old version, then run

#yum remove osg-release -y;cf-agent -Kf;cf-agent -K -b osg;

2) update osg and htcondor-ce rpms

#yum update osg* -y

#yum update htcondor-ce htcondor-ce-condor htcondor-ce-client -y 
#cfagent -Kf;cf-agent -K
#systemctl restart condor-ce;systemctl status condor-ce

Log files are in /var/log/condor-ce/

To view the history

#yum history
#yum history info transaction-id

3) Watch the gatekeeper to see it works


Check if there are continuous jobs coming to queue and run

Check job finishing status from either panda AGLT2_Test queue or the ATLAS analytic platform

-- WenjingWu - 07 Feb 2020
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