Athena Kit Installation Technical Details


This document gives the details about how the Michigan Athena kit installation is installed and how to update it. It is only relevant to system administrators.

AFS volumes for the UM ATLAS mirror and Athena kits directory

Item Mount point (below /afs/ AFS volume
ATLAS mirror atlas/software/mirror/ATLAS.mirror ATLASMirror2
Athena kits atlas/software/kits ATLASKits

For both of these there are both RO (read-only) and RW (read-write) AFS volumes. Ordinarily the read-only (RO) version of the AFS volume is mounted.

Update instructions.

To update the mirror and kit installation the following steps. First log in to linat01 as root and get Kerberos tickets and AFS tokens as admin (do kinit admin and aklog). It seems that this process can only be done on linat01 (SLC3), though I'm sure it will eventually be possible to do it from an SLC4 machine. Also, do not "su" into root - this causes problems with environmental variables so that pacman will not work.

i. To check the mount status of an AFS volume use fs lmmount <mount point>. Example:

$fs lsmount /afs/

is a mount point for volume '#ATLASMirror2'

The "#" indicates that this is a RO mount, and "%" indicates RW.

ii. Unmount the RO volumes with fs rmmount <mount point>. Example:

$fs rmmount /afs/

iii. Mount the RW volume with fs mkmount <mount point> <volume> -rw. Example:

$ fs mkmount /afs/ ATLASMirror2 -rw

iv. Run pacman and do the update. First init pacman.
$ cd  /afs/
$ source

To update the mirror do this:
$ cd /afs/
$ pacman -update ATLAS.mirror

To update the kit installation do this:
$ cd /afs/
$ pacman -update

v. Now un-mount/remount the AFS volume as RO like this:
$ fs rmmount <mount point>
$ fs mkmount <mount point> <volume>

vi. Now "release" the RO copy to replicate the changes made to the RW copy to the RO copy with:
$ vos release <volume>.

ATLAS Mirror Update summary.

This is the complete list of commands to update the ATLAS mirror:

fs rmmount /afs/
fs mkmount /afs/ ATLASMirror2 -rw
cd  /afs/
cd /afs/
pacman -update ATLAS.mirror
fs rmmount /afs/
fs mkmount /afs/ ATLASMirror2
vos release ATLASMirror2

ATLAS Kit installation Update summary.

This is the complete list of commands to do the update the kit installation after the mirror has been updated.

fs rmmount /afs/
fs mkmount /afs/ ATLASKits -rw
cd  /afs/
cd /afs/
pacman -update
fs rmmount /afs/
fs mkmount /afs/ ATLASKits
vos release ATLASKits

Location of RO and RW copies.

The location of RW and RO copies can be seen using the command:
$ vos examine <volume>

For example vos examine ATLASKits gives this info:

ATLASKits                         536874398 RW   21718611 K  On-line /vicepe
    RWrite  536874398 ROnly  536874399 Backup          0
    MaxQuota   40000000 K
    Creation    Thu Dec 14 16:52:01 2006
    Copy        Thu Dec 14 16:52:01 2006
    Backup      Never
    Last Update Fri Dec 15 11:14:59 2006
    237 accesses in the past day (i.e., vnode references)

    RWrite: 536874398     ROnly: 536874399
    number of sites -> 2
       server partition /vicepe RW Site
       server partition /vicepg RO Site

-- EdwardDiehl - 16 Jan 2007
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