Installation Details for VDT v1.6.0

We are trying the VDT v1.6.0 installation on following instructions at the VDT 1.6.0 release note page.

Plan is as follows:
  • Create approprate AFS volume to hold installation
  • As 'root' on gate01 do the installation using the current installation for reference
  • Validate new install on gate01 and dq2

Setup AFS

The current VDT installation (v1.4.0) is part of our OSG v0.4.1 install at /afs/

We will setup a new volume called VDT_1.6.0 and mount it at /afs/ for the installation.


As 'root', we get Pacman v3.19. Unpack in /opt and source its file.

We need to make sure some things are setup correctly. Even though gate01 is SLC4 x86_64 we want to install a 32 bit version which will run on all our machines.

I created a simple installation script to make sure the proper version can install OK in AFS:

# Make sure we setup/install OK in AFS space for 32 bit

export VDT_PRETEND_32=1
export OLD_VDT_LOCATION=/afs/

# Setup Pacman
cd /opt/pacman-3.19

# Goto install directory
cd /afs/

# Make sure we have AFS admin tokens
token=`tokens | grep "AFS ID" | awk '{print $4}' | awk -F\) '{print $1}'`

if [ $token -ne 1 ]
    kinit admin

# Set AFS ACLs to allow full access to everything during install
fs setacl /afs/ system:anyuser rliwd

# Do installation and answer questions
pacman -get

# Done?  Reset ACLs
echo "Must reset ACLs on AFS install area..."
find /afs/ -type d -exec /usr/bin/fs setacl {} system:anyuser rl \;

This worked correctly and took about 20 minutes.

Post-install Configuration

Here is where most of the work happens. See post-install website for more details.

I installed the jobmanager packages for both WS and pre-WS (Web-Services) for Condor and PBS:

pacman -get
pacman -get
pacman -get
pacman -get

Ran $VDT_LOCATION/vdt/setup/configure_monalisa AFTER 'source $VDT_LOCATION/'.

Setup the cemon:
[gate01:VDT160]# vdt/setup/configure_cemon --consumer https://gate01.grid.umich.
The following consumer subscription has been installed:

Modify AFS "Configure" and "Log/Var" Directories

A number of the the VDT directories hold either configuration files or outputs (logs, etc.) from VDT applications. Since we are installing in AFS so that we can use this installation on many systems, we need to find and "remap" all the locations the have configuration information or must be writeable.

Here are the locations (all under $VDT_LOCATION) which we have found must be relocated to local disks for (VDT 1.4):

  • vdt-app-data (whole directory)
  • monitoring
    • grid3-info.conf
    • grid3-user-vo-map.txt
    • osg-attributes.conf
  • MIS-CI
    • share (whole directory)
    • tmp (whole directory)
  • globus
    • tmp (whole directory)
    • var (whole directory)
    • etc
      • All .conf files
  • edg
    • log (whole directory)
  • gums/var/log (whole directory)
  • gums/etc (whole directory)
  • MonaLisa/Service
    • CMD (whole directory)
    • TMP_UPDATE (whole directory)
    • VDTFarm (whole directory)
  • condor (Special setup required)

For VDT 1.6.0 there are additional directories to relocate:

  • squid/var (whole directory)
  • squid/etc/squid.conf
  • drm/conf/drm.rc

All the above files or directories need to be copy to a corresponding local directory. I suggest "rooting" the relocated files in /opt/VDT160. For example:

mkdir -p /opt/VDT160/squid/etc
cp $VDT_LOCATION/squid/etc/squid.conf /opt/VDT160/squid/etc/
mv $VDT_LOCATION/squid/etc/squid.conf $VDT_LOCATION/squid/etc/squid.conf.orig
ln -s /opt/VDT160/squid/etc/squid.conf $VDT_LOCATION/squid/etc/squid.conf

This type of sequence needs to be done for all the identified files (the above list may be incomplete depending upon what is used from VDT).

-- ShawnMcKee - 22 Dec 2006
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