It sure did.  Once again I put "usatlasgrid" in as public read only community and copied to startup config.  

Not much definite to say about it, but one odd thing I notice is that units 1,2,3, and 6 have 50 days of uptime.  Unit 5 has 19 days.  Unit 4 has 13 hours, which means it must have rebooted last night around 3am.   

Maybe startup config isn't getting written on each unit.  Maybe backup configs are being used.  I can't login to the CLI to compare on sw1.  To rule it out, I copied running to startup and backup configs on both switches.


McKee, Shawn wrote:
> Also I noticed that SW1 is "down" in Cacti again.
> Did it lose the snmp config again?
> Shawn

-- BenMeekhof - 10 Apr 2008
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