How to submit test jobs in panda from umt3 interactive nodes

1 get permission to access BNL CVS

BNL CVS is a mirror to Cern CVS, it is a readonly CVS, you can use it as long as you dont need to update files in the CVS.

$ kinit your_bnl_account@USATLAS.BNL.GOV
$ aklog -c
$ export CVSROOT=/afs/

make sure in the /etc/krb5.conf you have the corresponding entries for BNL cell.
  kdc =
  kdc =
  kdc =
  kdc =
  admin_server =
  default_domain =

this has been setup on all umt3 interactive nodes

2 check out the test packages

$ mkdir panda
$ cvs co -d panda/test offline/Production/panda/test
$ cvs co -d panda/taskbuffer offline/Production/panda/taskbuffer
$ cvs co -d panda/userinterface offline/Production/panda/userinterface
$ cd panda/test

3. Run the test job

$cd panda/test
$ python AGLT2

where for evgen, for simul, and for reco.

this successful submission of the job would returns a pandaid ..

use the pandaid to query your job status at :


-- WenjingWu - 12 Aug 2008
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