Configuring new storage

This page describes how to configure newly purchased storage.
  1. Start server
  2. At BIOS prompt for storage controller setup, press Ctrl+R
  3. Select the controller you wish to create a vdisk on
  4. Press F2 for operations, and select create a new disk group (is F2 correct??)
  5. Mark the subset of disks you wish to use in the vdisk and create it
  6. Press F2 and select slow initalization (Is F2 correct??)
  7. Once the initialization begins, it is okay to exit the menu and start the computer
  8. Determine device associated with vdisk
     # omreport storage vdisk
    Controller PERC H800 Adapter (Slot 1)
    ID                  : 0
    Status              : Ok
    Name                : t3work7
    State               : Ready
    Encrypted           : Not Applicable
    Layout              : RAID-6
    Size                : 27,940.00 GB (30000346562560 bytes)
    Device Name         : /dev/sdc
    Bus Protocol        : SAS
    Media               : HDD
    Read Policy         : Adaptive Read Ahead
    Write Policy        : Write Back
    Cache Policy        : Not Applicable
    Stripe Element Size : 64 KB
    Disk Cache Policy   : Disabled
  9. Wait until State is 'Ready'. The initialization may take a couple of days, depending on the size of the vdisk.
  10. Create file system
     # mkfs.xfs /dev/sdc
  11. Label file system
     # xfs_admin -L MYLABEL /dev/sdc 
  12. (Optional) Create a mount point and add an entry to fstab for this disk
     # mkdir /exports/t3work7
     # echo "LABEL=MYLABEL /exports/t3work7 xfs defaults 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
-- JamesKoll - 17 Jun 2013
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