Squid rpm Installation or Update

Follow directions at this OSG Twiki page for installing. More directions are available at General CERN Twiki page.

Summary steps, cook book style

# Setup rpms and the osg repos
yum -y install yum-plugin-priorities
yum -y localinstall http://repo.grid.iu.edu/osg/3.2/osg-3.2-el6-release-latest.rpm
# Edit and disable the repo
vi /etc/yum.repos.d/osg-el6.repo
# Do the installation.  Save the old squid.conf.
service frontier-squid stop
cd /etc/squid
mv squid.conf squid.conf.date_of_file
yum -y --enablerepo=osg update frontier-squid
service frontier-squid start
# Test the installation from some client machine
# Note the initial MISS, followed by the HIT in the cache
[ball@umt3int01:~]$ export http_proxy=http://cache1.msulocal:3128               
[ball@umt3int01:~]$ wget -qdO/dev/null http://frontier.cern.ch 2>&1|grep X-Cache
X-Cache: MISS from cache1.aglt2.org
[ball@umt3int01:~]$ wget -qdO/dev/null http://frontier.cern.ch 2>&1|grep X-Cache
X-Cache: HIT from cache1.aglt2.org

-- BobBall - 23 Jul 2015
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