ROCKS Site Sync

We have two ROCKS clusters and wish to keep their configurations synchronized. This page will describe how to do that. Note that a closely related issue is being able to reproduce the cluster configuration for disaster recovery reasons.

Inputs for Syncing

  • SVN containing
    • /home/install/site-profile
    • /home/install/contrib
    • /home/install/extras
    • /home/install/site-tools
  • Working ROCKS Site

Additional Inputs for Full Install

  • Recovery Roll
  • ROCKS Rolls
  • OS Roll

What Needs to Happen for Sync

This is just for a sync to the SVN repository, if you need to merge local changes back in, see Subversion page

  • SVN ???
    • each of the directories above
  • Fix database, these tables are important
    • appliances
    • memberships
    • others might matter...
  • build rocks dist
    • things in /usr/src might matter --- you shouldn't have rpms in there

-- TomRockwell - 14 Dec 2007
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