To manually add a node in Rocks v5.2 you only really need two commands provided that the appliance type already exists, you could check that it's in the list when you give a "rocks list appliance" command, and if it's not there then go ahead and follow the directions in the rocks users guide.

Then just do a command with the correct information:
rocks add host [hostname] cpus=[# of cpus] membership="[membership]" rack=[rack #] rank=[rank #]
rocks add host interface [hostname] eth0 ip=[IP of eth0] mac=[MAC of eth0] module=bnx2 name=[hostname] subnet=private
rocks add host interface [hostname] eth1 ip=[IP of eth1] mac=[MAC of eth1] module=bnx2 name=[] subnet=public

Or you could use the script in /home/install/ on umrocks which walks you through this process asking for the information and doesn't require you to remember this commands.

Note that ROCKS has a mechanism for adding mac addresses to the DB during installs. This should work for instance for the eth1 mac above. If you leave it out, it should be added automatically.

Then once your node has been added you'll need to input the commands,
rocks sync config
to get the dhcpd.conf regenerated, and then,
rocks set host boot [hostname] action=install
to set the node to be installed when it is pxebooted.

-- JamesWright - 13 Aug 2009
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