Rocks Directories


Dir In SVN? Description
/home/install no This gets NFS exported from the frontend to the cluster (and autmounted)
/home/install/contrib yes rpms to add to distribution
/home/install/extras yes files needed for install that don't go elsewhere
/home/install/rocks-dist no where the compiled distro ends up
/home/install/rolls no where rolls, including base and OS (LTS) go
/home/install/sbin no cgi area, kickstart.cgi etc.
/home/install/site-profiles yes where the xml files defining install are

Local additions

Dir In SVN? Description
/home/install/certs no where certs are kept
/home/install/etc yes (todo) config files including node-info csv file, some may effect node configuration and installs
/home/install/firmware no firmware for various devices (may need to rethink this one...)
/home/install/tools yes (todo) tools for cluster management, some may be used in install process
/home/install/tmp no a place to put working files or one-off scripts that compute nodes need to access

-- TomRockwell - 21 May 2008
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