lighttpd service is running on client during install.

it matches URLs that have HOST == Then does a redirect of "/install/(.+)$" =>$1&serverip=var.serverip

var.serverip is included from a file that defines it as the rocks frontend.

So, need to do wgets to host first looks for the .torrent file matching the URL. If that is not found, there is no fall back --- it just fails, so make sure the .torrents are setup!

On 3/30/10 3:36 PM, Tom Rockwell wrote: '> on client, makes directory /mnt/sysimage/install. This is what it
'> serves out from.
'> can do:
'> SRCURL=""
'> wget $SRCURL/kernel/kernel-2.6.30-9UL1.x86_64.rpm -O /tmp/kernel.rpm
'> Alternate URL not using BT is:
'> Need to make the torrent files in the dir...

-- TomRockwell - 11 May 2010
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