Here are listed releases or "tags" of the ROCKS installation. Issues with each can be added here. Summer 2011 --- making an attempt to maintain this page going forward.

Tags are here in SVN

See updated build instructions at RocksCurrentBuildInstructions

tag rocks5-may17-2011 r1757

See the related ticket at

Changes in this release

  • added cvmfs client to worker nodes including a dedicated partition.
  • sync with sl-security repo
  • OMSA 6.5
  • MSU worker nodes using software control of power states.


  • need different /pnfs mount options, see r1770
  • seems OMSA 6.5 or disk controller updates are conflicting
  • addition of mesa libs for ROOT dependency
  • condor ROCKS node creates some directories, but doesn't set ownership correctly. Jobs still able to run.

R949 Dec 21, 2009

This is first ROCKS5 SVN revision deployed at MSU. Only good for T2 workers.

Client issues:

  • no snmp
  • no greceptor
  • MSU T3 condor setup missing, add to nodes manually
  • Storage node setup missing
  • MSU Opteron build is missing
  • Still need review of SOL setup
  • Dell BIOS performance settings not done
  • RAC passwords haven't been changed from ROCKS4

Frontend Issues:

  • ganglia data not pulled back (plot truncated) by frontend restart rocks-discuss
  • 411 groups in use at MSU, some details outstanding
  • some frontend config committed in releases up to r980-ish; only MSU frontend config in SVN

SVN Info

The release uses trunk/contrib at R949 and trunk/site-profiles-X at R949.

The syslog message at first boot is:

2009-12-21T21:27:24-05:00 <user.err> cc-117-1.msulocal logger: ROCKS Build Info Firstboot SVN trunk/site-profiles-X 949 Clean

-- TomRockwell - 21 Dec 2009
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