To build the rocks distribution (in /home/install/ or /export/rocks/install/):
rocks create distro

To have a node reinstall:
rocks set host boot [hostname] action=install

To check that the rocks configuration doesn't have any syntax errors for a specific host:
rocks list host profile [hostname]
The above basically shows you the entirety of the kickstart file, so don't worry if a lot of text flies by, if there's an error parsing it however, then you'll just get that error, and it'll be only one screen of text. This is useful and saves time in the debugging of the rocks build, do this before reinstalling a node otherwise errors could cause it to hang on install, and requiring you go to cycle the power if it's not on kvm.

This will also evaluate everything in those "eval" tags, so you'll be able to see if your scripts are working, and if rocks variables are being defined.

To find things in the node xml tree this command is more useful however:
rocks list host xml [hostname] | grep -C [# context lines] [what you're looking for]
It still evaluates all the "eval" tags, but shows which files you're looking in if you give it enough context lines. Or alternatively you could search for the file name and get look at the build that way.

-- JamesWright - 13 Aug 2009
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