login to ndt.aglt2.org, su - rancid, clogin "switch"

View Configs:

Rancid configs are part of our normal svn web viewer: https://ndt.aglt2.org/viewvc/rancid/

The login is admin. The password is available from the shared area.

For a view which shows only the rancid repository and none of the others (perhaps to share with someone outside the organization):

If sharing it may be advisable to create a new user in /etc/viewvc/.htpasswd. The "admin" user can see all parts of our SVN repo though the rancid URL above will not show them those parts. Any authenticated user can read the rancid repository so no other changes are needed except to create a user with htpasswd. The file /etc/viewvc/authz-access-rules controls authorization.

The basic parts of rancid config, such as the rancid user/group and crontab, are managed in cfengine. The configuration under /home/rancid is not managed. Besides the usual tape backup it is tarzipped nightly to /atlas/data08/ndt-backup/home-rancid-nightly.tgz.

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