Reformat and Rebuild a Rocks WN

Conditions for Doing This

A running Rocks WN can be automatically set to reformat its disks and rebuild from scratch. This can be useful in a variety of conditions, for example, on a suspect machine for any reason. The procedure consists of actions take on both the Rocks head node of the affected WN, and on the WN itself.

A Concrete Example

For purposes of this page, we will assume that the WN we want to do this to is called cc-104-30.msulocal.

Rocks Head Node steps

In this case, the head node is msurx6
  • rocks remove host partition cc-104-30
  • rocks set host boot cc-104-30 action=install

WN steps taken

  • locate .rocks-release | xargs -n 1 /bin/rm -f
  • /boot/kickstart/cluster-kickstart-pxe (or just reboot because we also told that to the head node)

Sit back and drink a cup of coffee for 15 minutes. When you come back, the machine should hare rebuilt and had its initial CF3 run take place.

-- BobBall - 13 Apr 2015
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