Changing the 411 Server for a Client

Example of moving a client from 5.3 411 server to 5.5 411 server. We had a login node that had been built from ROCKS 5.3 (msurxx) and wished to have it use new ROCKS 5.5 frontend for 411 information, but did not want to do a full rebuild. I was pretty easy to change the client so that it would use the new frontend for 411. This could probably be done for a non-ROCKS client as well.


The steps were basically:

  • change /etc/411.conf
  • copy new 411 security keys to client (in /etc/411-security)
  • update 411 rpm
  • do a 411get run (411get --all)


Doubt that new 411 server will automatically push updates; using hourly cron task to pull updates.

-- TomRockwell - 21 Nov 2012
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