How msurxx was setup

Create config files in SVN

In the ROCKS SVN repo, below hostconfigs, copy to Checkout (nominal location is below /var/svn).

Fix host dependent info in these files: sshd_config, network, syslog-ng.conf, auto.share, exports, fstab, hosts, resolv.conf, yum.conf. Checkin.


Setup a VMware client, and build the ROCKS FE as described at R5abVMWareFrontEnd and R5abFrontendInstall

Built with these rolls: kernel, base, ganglia, web-server, LTS (just first DVD from SL54).

Three 20GB disks are attached. sda is 16GB for / and rest swap. sdb is /export. sdc is /var/log/archive

Local Config


On reboot, ssh in as root (password allowed at this point). Create ssh keys with empty passphrase.

Start a script or ? session to record what you do.

Bootstrap SVN

Need to pull config from SVN.

Copy svn access certs to host "scp -r ."

There is a file HOSTS/msurxx.txt with commands to run (not really a shell script).

sh ...

yum install subversion.x86_64

checkout to /var/svn, /export/rocks/install... tools, config, contrib/5.3, contrib/install-extras, site-profile/5.3

Initial SVN info:


Rebuild ROCKS dist

(had to fix a version issue in this script)

cd /export/rocks/install sh tools/mkdist

Run CFengine

This is a hacked up local use of cfengine. The idea is replicate the steps that were done by hand on ROCKS 5.2 frontend to configure system files. The source of the config is /var/svn.

install rpm:

rpm -i /export/rocks/install/contrib/install-extras/cfengine3/cfengine*rpm

see that it looks ok-ish to run:

cf-agent -v --dry-run -f /var/svn/

remove --dry-run to do it for real.

Make 411 and named

(had to handle these dirs by hand as cfengine script didn't work as expected.)

cd /var/411 make

rocks sync dns

Set routing in ROCKS

See R5abRouting

Might want to verify you can still ssh in wink

after this, reboot system.

Stuff in ROCKS DB entries

There is some issue with hosts not having os attribute, but needing it in the XML, add it globally:

rocks add attr os linux

[root@msurxx]# /opt/rocks/bin/rocks add attr private_gateway [root@msurxx]# /opt/rocks/bin/rocks set attr Kickstart_PublicDNSServers,, [root@msurxx]# /opt/rocks/bin/rocks add attr agl_site MSU [root@msurxx]# /opt/rocks/bin/rocks add attr AGL_SOL_BaudRate 115200 [root@msurxx]# /opt/rocks/bin/rocks add attr condor_conf msu-test.ccl [root@msurxx]# /opt/rocks/bin/rocks add attr gmond_conf gmond.conf-test [root@msurxx]# /opt/rocks/bin/rocks add attr AGL_PrivateGateway [root@msurxx]# rocks add attr AGL_411_Group T2

cd /var/svn/ rocks add appliance T2DCX graph=default node=t2-dcx membership=T2 public=yes rocks add appliance T3DCX graph=default node=t3-dcx membership=T3 public=yes sh rocks-dump-add-host.out sh sh rocks-dump-hostinfo.out

make a copy of /var/svn/ for comparisons (or rely on SVN diffs)

dump db state:

sh tools/

now use meld to compare old and new...

commit changes (r1093 for this install).

Fixes to above config done from msurxx

directory copies that worked on msurxii, failed to work on msurxx. /var/411 and /var/named. Directories were created, but not populated. Copy by hand.

This may have been b/c cf-exec and cf-servd were active?

chkconfig cfexecd and cfservd off

yum install syslog-ng.x86_64 and put config file in place. use chkconfig to enable it, disable syslog and start it. logs should end up in /var/log/archive.

-- TomRockwell - 15 Feb 2010
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