I removed all of the packages from the Dag repository on linat05. To get the list of packages and remove them I used these commands:
rpm -qia | grep -B1 -A1 "Vendor: Dag" > ~/dag_packages
cat ~/dag_packages | grep Name | gawk '{ print $3 }' > dag_list
rpm -e --nodeps `cat dag_list`

Two packages on this list we required for yum, so I had to reinstall them from the SLC4 site directly, and then I ran yum to grab the rest and run an update (since I grabbed base packages, there may be later versions):
rpm -ivh http://linuxsoft.cern.ch/cern/slc4X/i386/SL/RPMS/python-elementtree-1.2.6-4.i386.rpm
rpm -ivh http://linuxsoft.cern.ch/cern/slc4X/i386/SL/RPMS/urlgrabber-2.9.6-1.noarch.rpm
yum install `cat dag_list`
yum update

The only error was that in dag, urlgrabber is called phython-urlgrabber. This process should be applicable to other machines with stranded Dag packages.

-- JeffGregory - 01 May 2006

I installed some devel packages (and their dependencies) to test compilation of the openssh source rpm.
yum install gtk2-devel XFree86-devel libselinux-devel audit-libs-devel

-- JeffGregory - 01 May 2006

I installed openssh-3.9p1-8.RHEL4.12 from a source RPM on linat01 (SLC3). To get it to compile with SLC3 I had to make some changes to the spec file: disable selinux, define audit=0, remove loginuid patch, remove pam_loginuid requirement, change xauth requirement to XFree86-xauth, and diable pie. I didn't get an AFS token at login though, still working on getting aklog to compile.

-- JeffGregory - 02 May 2006

Without updating large portions of linat01 to SLC4 level packages, directly krb5 to AFS authentication won't work. So I started krb524 on linat02,linat03 and linat04. The firewall on these machines is set to allow only linat01 access to that service. Linat01 now gets tokens at login via running aklog in the login scripts. The tokens were tested and do work.

-- JeffGregory - 02 May 2006

4 x Transcend 1 GB unbuffered non-ECC memory sticks are installed in linat06. The serial numbers are:
135038-0208 [FQ]       135038-0205 [FQ]    135038-0169 [FQ]    135491-0017 [FQ]

-- JeffGregory - 08 May 2006

I disabled the ATrpms repository on umrocks. Two packages from this repository were install, rpm and python-elementree. python-elementree was broken however and required for yum. the ATrpms rpm package is still installed. I installed python-elementree with rpm -ivh http://linuxsoft.cern.ch/cern/slc4X/i386/SL/RPMS/python-elementtree-1.2.6-4.i386.rpm and ran yum update. I also installed nmap from yum (which was my original goal and why I found out that yum was broken).

-- JeffGregory - 10 May 2006

Shawn updated most, if not all, machines to afs-1.4.1 from the official openafs realse SRPM. The RPMS have been added to the new local repository. To access this repository, a file called umatlas.repo needs to be added to each machine in /etc/yum.repos.d with these contents:

-- JeffGregory - 23 May 2006

atgrid, gate01, linat11, ml-um.ultralight.org were all configured to have firewalls that allow ssh and ipmi. The firewalls also allow NFS the machines that serve NFS and http/https and syslog for ATGRID. These iptables can be copied to other machines with lines commented out or included as needed for the services running. /etc/sysconfig/nfs should be copied also.

linat02 and linat03 were switched to use the onboard network card for the local network since the gigabit card in the pci slot was unreliable.

I installed the vncserver program on linat06 and opened up ports 5900-5999 for it.

I installed CERNLIB on linat01, which includes paw.

-- JeffGregory - 19 Jun 2006

Installed CERNLIBS locally on linat06 since it was installed on AFS space that was lost. CERNLIBS in SLC4 doesn't have the correct dependencies. lapack and castor-lib need to be installed separately.

/ and /usr on linat06 were full. The harddrive is only 6.5GB! It should probably be replaced (it must be very old). I removed cached yum files from sl303, sl305 and sl40 which are no longer active repositories. I removed all files in /root/ not modified in the last year.

-- JeffGregory - 20 Jun 2006

-- BenMeekhof - 23 Jan 2008
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