Each rack has 2 PDUs named PDU-RACKNUM-N.msulocal where N is 1 or 2. For racks with UPSs, the -1 PDU is on the UPS.

You can connect to the web interface using a browser with access to the 10.10. network.

To find PDU outlet(s) that computer is on:

Option1 guess the PDU (based on rack number) and look for it in the web interface (outlets are labeled).

Option2 grep the file grep msufs01 /home/install/config/msu/power/pdu-outlets.csv

Special script for compute nodes only --- PDU control based on node rack and rank:

=== root@msurox ~ > sh /home/install/tools/ c-102-1
/home/install/tools/ NODE COMMAND
COMMAND can be: state/status off on cycle/reboot/restart

=== root@msurox ~ > sh /home/install/tools/ c-102-1 state

Also can control power via ipmi, see the page NodeConsoleAccess.

=== root@msurox ~ > sh /home/install/tools/ chassis power status
Chassis Power is on

Node shutdown from within OS... (to add)



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