Starting HTCondor on a login/submit node

To start condor on a login/submit node, do the following:
  1. As a super user/root, use the following command:
    $ service condor start
  2. Check that condor is now running with the following commands:
    $ service condor status
    which should just state condor is running, and
    $ ps aux | grep condor
    which should show the condor_master, condor_procd, and condor_schedd processes running.
  3. Check if condor will automatically start on future boots with:
    chkconfig --list condor
    This should show 1 and 6 as set to off, while 2-5 are set to on. If this is not the case then run:
    chkconfig condor on
    and verify that the settings are now correct.
  4. Restart the login/submit node to make sure condor starts on boot:
    shutdown -r now
  5. Test the login/submit node by:
    1. Making sure setupATLAS works.
    2. Submitting jobs with condor.
    3. Checking that x2go works.
-- ForrestPhillips - 10 Sep 2019
Topic revision: r1 - 10 Sep 2019, ForrestPhillips
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