Installing new drives in a login node

  1. Check that no jobs are running on the login/submit node and that no users are currently logged on (you can check who is logged in on a machine with the "who" command.).
  2. Shutdown the login node with "shutdown -h now".
  3. Remove and label the olds drives.
  4. Insert the new drives.
  5. Connect the KVM (the thing that let's you connect to the monitor in the room) to the login node.
  6. Turn on the login node, when boot screen says "press ctrl+c to load SAS configuration" do it.
  7. Select the SAS controller.
  8. Go to RAID properties.
  9. Create RAID1 array with both disks.
  10. Reboot the system, now when SAS prints the disks to the screen you should see one virtual disk instead of 2 physical disks.
  11. While the system is rebooting it will try to boot with PXE but fail.
  12. Open up senna with a desktop, in a browser go to https://msu-prov02.msulocal/cobbler_web and login with your T2 user info.
  13. Go to systems and select the login node.
  14. Change "Batch Actions" drop-down menu to "Netboot Enabled" and hit go. A check should now appear in the "Netboot_Enabled" column next to the login node.
  15. In the side bar, under actions; press the sync button. After a few seconds the syncing should finish.
  16. Reboot the login node.
  17. PXE should now start cobbler and cobbler should format the partitions and install the OS and relevant packages.
  18. Once cobbler is done you might need to press enter to reboot once more.
  19. At this point, everything should go smoothly.
  20. If the front panel LCD says the wrong machine name, you can change it in the BIOS.
  21. Finally, login as root and use passwd to change the password to whatever is currently on passpack for that machine.
-- ForrestPhillips - 10 Sep 2019
Topic revision: r2 - 13 Sep 2019, ForrestPhillips
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