Procedure for Installing or Upgrading dCache Servers

Procedure for installing dCache servers. This is tested for use on the dCache storage nodes / gridftp doors. It should work on the central pool nodes, but isn't yet tested there. The process uses a locally developed script that runs the VDT installer. A second script for to cleanup a node for reinstall is also available. In order to track dCache releases faster than VDT issues new releases, we have updated the dCache rpm in the VDT installer.

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The script /home/install/extras/bin/dcache/ performs an install.

It doesn't (currently) check to see that dCache services are stopped (maybe the VDT installer does however?). If the node has had dCache installed previously, see the reinstall / upgrade instructions.

This script leaves a timestamped log file in /root.

The script will start the dCache services on the node.

Note that the script will not start the service until the /etc/grid-security directory is ready, with a host certificate in place.

Reinstall or Upgrade

Before reinstalling or upgrading existing dCache install is cleaned off the node.

The script /home/install/extras/bin/dcache/dcache_prepare_for does this.

This script leaves a timestamped log file in /root.

After running this script, perform the install as above.

Modify VDT tarball with newer dCache version

If you want a newer dCache version than what is in the VDT installer...

Have done this with VDT 2.1.6 and dcache-server-1.9.2-5.noarch.rpm

  • Get new dcache-server rpm from
  • Go to directory /home/install/extras/dcache_updates and unpack the vdt tarball found there, remove and replace the dcache-server rpm
    • Current tarball is vdt-dcache-SL4_64-2.1.6.tar.gz
    • cd vdt-dcache-SL4_64-2.1.6/RPMS
    • Copy the new dcache-server rpm here and delete the old one
    • cd ../..
    • rm vdt-dcache-SL4_64-2.1.6.tar.gz
    • tar czf vdt-dcache-SL4_64-2.1.6.tar.gz vdt-dcache-SL4_64-2.1.6
  • Edit /home/install/extras/site-info.def, changing DCACHE_SERVER_RPM to new one.

NOTE for dCache using Chimera

Creation of the ftpBase link is part of the vdt, so to drop that, the vdt-dcache-SL4_64-2.1.6/install/ was modified to remove these "ln -s" statements. If/when a new vdt is released for this, this change must be revisited.

Files in SVN

Keep the install scripts and VDT tarballs and our modifications of them under SVN control.

need to update this list

All files used by this installation procedure are checked into svn. These consist of the following list.
  • /home/install/extras/bin/dcache/ -- This is the installation script
  • /home/install/extras/dcache_updates/vdt-dcache-SL4_64-2.1.6.tar.gz
  • /home/install/extras/site-info.def
  • /home/install/extras/dcache_updates/gridftpdoorSetup
  • /home/install/extras/dcache_updates/poolSetup
  • /home/install/extras/dcache_updates/gridftpdoor.batch -- There is confusion on the need for this file.
  • /home/install/extras/dcache_updates/dcache -- This is the service script


  • /opt/d-cache/install/ tries to make the ftpBase link. Fixed in the vdt (see above).
  • The new dCacheSetup file in /opt/d-cache/config has been somewhat reformatted, but with no real changes.
  • Note that all *Setup files in /opt/d-cache/config are soft linked to dCacheSetup EXCEPT poolSetup and gridftpdoorSetup
  • Determine best method is to use svn versions of these 2 files, HOWEVER!
    • Comparisons should be made to baseline changes below whenever a new dCache version is installed.
    • Fundamentally, this is a comparison to the state of the dCacheSetup file

-- BobBall - 27 May 2009
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