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  • First read dCache book for info:
  • Create pool on hardware (format XFS, mount, naming node_n: e.g., umfs09_1 for /dcache mount point)
  • Use 'service dcache pool' commands create and add to enable on storage node
  • Edit head01.aglt2.org PoolManager.conf to add new pool...restart the pool Domain on the storage node to make it accessible to dCache.
  • If pool is joining an existing area you are done...if you are creating a new directory and possibly space-token, continue
  • On the head01 node add the new storage unit, group, link and linkGroup
  • On the head02 (Chimera) node, use the chimera-cli.sh script to create the /pnfs directory and set its attributes:
root@head02 ~# /opt/d-cache/libexec/chimera/chimera-cli.sh Mkdir /pnfs/aglt2.org/atlaslocalgroupdisk
root@head02 ~# echo "algrp" | /opt/d-cache/libexec/chimera/chimera-cli.sh Writetag /pnfs/aglt2.org/atlaslocalgroupdisk sGroup
root@head02 ~# echo "StoreName usatlas" | /opt/d-cache/libexec/chimera/chimera-cli.sh Writetag /pnfs/aglt2.org/atlaslocalgroupdisk OSMTemplate
root@head02 ~# echo "ONLINE" | /opt/d-cache/libexec/chimera/chimera-cli.sh Writetag /pnfs/aglt2.org/atlaslocalgroupdisk AccessLatency
  • NOTE: the above combination of sGroup and OSMTemplate is what ties the directory to a specific storage unit defined in the PoolManager.conf
  • At this point a restart of the dCacheDomain on head01 will add this new area (and associated pools) to dCache.
  • If you need to make this a space-token controlled area you can now refer to HowToSetUpATLASSpaceToken

-- ShawnMcKee - 19 Nov 2009
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