Installation of EX9208

Installation steps

  1. Lowering of existing junipers - At risk, 3 person job
    1. Move fiber box 'aside' to the top of the rack, and affix to the rack with zip ties or something similar
    2. Move 4200s down to 1U above the force10, leaving room for the attached cables
    3. Move 4500 down to sit directly above the 4200s
    4. Move the patch panel into the top 2 slots, in front of the KVM
  2. Installation of EX9208 into the rack - Maybe at risk just to be safe? Maybe not?, 3? person job
    1. Philippe is going to acquire a set of extender brackets for the front and a 1U shelf for the bottom
    2. Attach shelf, leaving a 10U space above for the EX9208 to fit in
    3. Remove bracket from right side of EX9208 to make room to slide it in
    4. Attach extender brackets to front left of EX9208
    5. Slide EX9208 into the rack
    6. Attach brackets and extenders to right side of EX9208
    7. Affix both sides to the front of the rack
  3. Cabling and configuration of EX9208 At risk, Needs Doug's participation
    1. James is going to figure out the power cable needs and get them ordered
    2. Test power redundancy
    3. Temporarily place EX9208 downstream from 4500 to allow Doug to configure it
    4. ???
  4. Move 4500 to Rack 120 and replace blade switch
  5. Move 4200s up to the bottom of the EX9208 support shelf

Current action items

  • Philippe is going to acquire a set of extenders for the front and a 1U shelf for the bottom.
  • James is going to figure out what our power cable needs are and then get them ordered
    • Options are 2ft and 6ft, each with 90 degree bend option along the 'long' side of the plug
    • Four 2 ft cables will be good

Power supply considerations

Official documentation From this documentation it appears that it is possible to have full redundancy while the load is balanced evenly between the UPS and non-UPS PDUs.

Other notes

-- JamesKoll - 05 Mar 2014
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