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In ROCK 4.3, the LOM for these is not supported, see ??? for info on updating driver in installer image.

These have 4 LOM. In ROCKS 4.3, having an issue that installer is not getting IP for eth0. This has previously worked, but have changed DHCP servers and now it isn't going (worked using xCAT, but not going with straight ROCKS). Installer tries to bring up all 6 ports on the system, starting with eth5 going down. Screen says eth0 is being tried, but it fails. On xCAT was using different kernel boot options. Removed "kssendmac" option that ROCKS puts in. Set "ksdevice=eth0" Still no go, don't know what happened frown, sad smile Have also done a BIOS update on node. Still it seems that is must be something about DHCP response from msurox vs. what xcat did. Hum, flipped back to xCAT for DHCP and it works. Will update when issue is more understood.

-- TomRockwell - 11 Sep 2009
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