Action Items

In Progress

  • check for missing keys on:
    • msut3-xrd-0, -1, -2, -3
    • msuchef (Unnecessary, VM going to be decommissioned)
    • msubck (Keys added now)
    • DNS servers (Keys added now)
    • others?
  • update list of contacts replacing Tom with James
  • need to review and document access to DVR recording
  • need to review and print new PDU breaker labels
  • print the list of breakers by rack and place inside PDU door
  • print list of emergency recovery instructions inside PDU too
  • need to read the docs for all our UPS types we own and print a summary to put inside PDU
  • review and document DNS servers and search list on senna and cap
  • replace power supply in msufs12 shelf F
  • order and replace UPS in rack 107
  • fix switch setup for psmsu05, 06
  • investigate red LED on psmsu05 (old opteron node)


  • try to locate SSL certificate passphrase for, or re-install old one (Reissued and installed)
  • Fix the Vesda PC monitor (bad disk) (Fixed)
-- JamesKoll - 27 Dec 2012
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