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NOTE This page is OBSOLETE All site-services now run at BNL.

AGLT2 DQ2/DDM Verification and Debugging

One of the central tasks for our Tier2 is to support a DQ2 server. The notes below are to help with verifying and debugging our DQ2 installation on the AGLT2.

There is also a nice page at LRCTesting you can refer to.

Important Configuration Information

Our DQ2 "server" has two components. The HTTP frontend is hosted on (SLC4, 32 bit), while the LFC (Logical File Catalog) are hosted on (SLC4, 64 bit) on /atlas/data08/dq2. The two primary storage locations are (SLC4, 64 bit) on /atlas/data16/dq2 (GridFTP) and (SLC4, 64 bit) on /pnfs/ (SRM/dCache). Our DQ2 services run on (SLC4, 32 bit) while our site primary gatekeeper is (SLC4, 64 bit) running OSG V0.8.0 software.

The UMFS02 and LINAT10 machines both have a account 'dq2' setup (homespace in AFS). The installed software is at /opt/dq2 on both machines. To access the account login as root and 'su - dq2'. Then 'cd /opt/dq2' and 'source config/AGLT2/'.

Monitoring information

The Tier2 services are monitored by Cacti at: Cacti monitor

The Distributed Data Management (DDM) monitor is at DDM for AGLT2

The PANDA monitoring for production is at PANDA Production Monitoring


This section is based upon an email from Dan Schrager about verifying our DQ2 setup.

There are a number of items to check:

To check current status tail the relevant log files (on
  • tail -f /var/log/dq2/dq2.log

Init/Renew MyProxy Credentials

As the 'dq2' user setup your environment on
  • cd /opt/dq2
  • source
  • = source /opt/OSG080/
You can then initialize or renew your credentials:

Old way: (non space token enabled srm doesnot require the voms extention)

  • grid-proxy-init -valid 720:0
  • myproxy-init -t 720 -c 720 -s -d

New way: (space token enabled srm requires the voms extention)
  • voms-proxy-init --voms atlas:/atlas/usatlas/Role=production

warning Be sure to use the correct MyProxy password for FTS. See config files

Check things:
  • myproxy-info -s -d
  • grid-proxy-info
  • voms-proxy-info -all

Recreating the 'queued_transfers_AGLT2' database

To do this you need to stop all DQ2 site-services. First edit the existing crontab for 'dq2' user and comment out the various services.

Next stop all dq2 processes currently running.

Then login to the mysql db:

mysql -u<user> -p<password> -h queued_transfers_AGLT2

See the to get the correct user and password.

Then delete and recreate the DB:

mysql> drop database queued_transfers_AGLT2;
Query OK, 80 rows affected (4.64 sec)

mysql> create database queued_transfers_AGLT2;
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

mysql> show databases;
| Database               |
| information_schema     | 
| queued_transfers_AGLT2 | 
| test                   | 
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

The last step is to just run the script:

 python DQ2/siteservices/executor/classic/

tip NOTE: Don't forget to re-enable the crontab entry for user 'dq2'!

Other Important URLs

There are a few other URLs which provide information at:

Please send Shawn McKee any edits or additional URLs that are relevant.

-- ShawnMcKee - 13 Dec 2006
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