RepHot for dCache

configuration file
default path : /opt/rep_hot/config/rephot.conf

VERBOSE=1      ## increase it from more detailed log file
DEBUG=0         ## set DEBUG to 1 for a debug model, rephot would not add /delete replicas.
PRINT_FILE_META=0  ## set  it to 1 to print the metadata for the hot files, such as creation date, residing pools, logical file name.
FRESH_DUR=24   ##  time window in hours for RepHot to scan the billing database ,24 hours means it will scan the recent 24 hours' billing information for hot files.
HIS_DUR=720   ## time window in hours for Rephot to scan the billing database to analyze the access history for hot files.
FR_AG_INTV=80  ## time window in minutes for RepHot to analyse the access history.. if a hot file's 2 access time are not further than 80minutes, they would be put into the same access time window.
CN_COST=4  ## in Ranking the available pools for replicating, CN_COST is concerning about the total access number in a pool during a time window..
RATE_COST=3  ## in Ranking the available pools for replicating, RATE_COST is concerning about the average rate  of a pool during a time window..
SPACE_COST=3  ## in Ranking the available pools for replicating, SPACE_COST is concerning about the free  space of a pool during a time window..  the sum of different COST should equal 10.
CELL_STATUS_BF=48  ## in Ranking the vailable pools for replicating, this is the time window in hours to evaluate the  access number and average rate of a pool
SLEEP_SEC=600  ## time interval  in seconds to scan hot files.
RUN_DELREP_INTV=12  ##time interval in hours to scan idle replicas to put into deletion
P2P_TIMEOUT=80  ## timeout in seconds for all p2p transfers, if a p2p transfer cannot finish in 80 seconds, RepHot would drop this replicating
FREQ_THRESH={(1,4)}  # define the intensity threshold, (1,4) means 4 accesses in 1 minute.. this is a threshold for active pools, if in pool_1, it has 4 access in a minute for a file, pool_1 is defined as active,
if a pools in non_active, it could be considered as a existing replica for the hot file.  accordingly, if it has 8 accesses in 1 minute for a file, this file would be defined as a hot file.. 
FREQ_POINT={(3,10)}  ## this has been abandoned 
## DB information

How to run

service rephot start|stop|status

log file

/var/log/rephot/log /var/log/rephot/err

executable file


-- WenjingWu - 27 Mar 2009
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