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This page is aiming at presenting a tool producing D3PDs (TTrees) and D2PDs for analyses within the Athena framework.

The SingleTopDPDMaker tool is presently configured to produce either TTrees (D3PD) or D2PDs in the framework of single-top analyses. The default configuration can be easily modifed to produce preselected events adapted to any other physics analyses.

1. Checking out SingleTopDPDMaker

Start off in your home area.

$ cd /testarea/15.5.1/
$ cmt co PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/SingleTopDPDMaker
$ cd PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/SingleTopDPDMaker/share

Now edit the script

# Input file
from IOVDbSvc.CondDB import conddb
InputCollections = ["AOD.025888._00001.pool.root.1"]
# Output file
OutputFileName = "SingleTopD3PD.root"
# Event numbers ........

Now edit the line
InputCollections = ["AOD.025888._00001.pool.root.1"]
to include your AOD file that you want D3PDs produced from.

The user selects the choice of input Data Type:

Data = False/True
FullReco = False/True
FDRData  = False/True

According to your choice, the script will select the appropriate input containers from AOD or D1PDs.

2. Setup for Overlap removal, Trigger and Truth

The user then selects the following execution options:

ExecuteOverlapRemoval = True/False
: if the user sets the
ExecuteOverlapRemoval =True
then the TTrees produced will have overlaped removed according to the following order (electron, muon, photon, tau, jets). If the user sets it to
ExecuteOverlapRemoval =False
then the user will have to use the Overlap Flag that is generated for every object.

ExecuteTriggerDecisionSelection = True/False : if set to False no trigger selection is applied to the event. If set to True only events with passed chains including e20i or mu20 are selected. 

    * MakeTruth = True/False : generates Truth Tree if set to True. 

The default overlap removal hierarchy can be modified in the setSingleTopDPDMaker script.

The default trigger chains to be passed can also be modified in this script. 

 [[][here]] ._

*WARNING:* While unpacking the distribution archives, tar might find overlapping files from different packages. In this case, tar asks for an interactive confirmation of the overwrite, for each individual file. If you think you can safely overwrite the files, use the [[][pacman]] option

---++ Notes

*Note:* more help can be found at [[][SoftwareDevelopmentWorkbookCmtTips]] and [[][WorkBookAdvancedSetup]]

*Note:* Athena works best when the names of the release directories, run areas, etc. are named after the general release, for example do: <verbatim>mkdir 14.2.23</verbatim>  instead of <verbatim>mkdir</verbatim> when installing release, the releases must be consistent. 

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