MSU Raritan

sh /usr/local/Raritan/Raritan-MPC/

The first time running it, you will need to tell this client where the KVM is: create "new profile" for ip and type "dominion KX G2". Then you should see this KVM in the device list; double click on it and login as admin; now see the port list, and you can double-click on the port to connect.

Serial Console Access

Use AGLT2 KVM to access serial ports on each Dell switch unit and on nile

All switches in 0156 LSA have serial consoles on the Raritan KVM.

The network setup for the AGLT2 KVM is:

NOTE: This connection is out-of-band so that you should be able to reach any of the switches as long as LSA's network is up.

UM 2268 Randall Dell Console access

For SW5:
There is a serial console server at It is attached to unit 1 which should be the master normally. You need to download com port redirector software from Add 14000 to the com port being redirected to get the IP port for the software.

For SW6:
Serial console server at (need to change hostname). Access by using ssh to port 10001. User admin.

Software for these devices is available from or Devices are IOLan SDS1(serconhppc), Lantronix UDS-10 (pigwidgeon).

-- TomRockwell - 05 Jul 2008
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