The AGIS System and Changing SchedConfig Parameters at AGLT2


Information about changeover to AGIS came in this Email of 2/28/2013

Ladies and gentlemen, you are receiving this email because you have had, at some point in the past, a need 
to change parameters in the Schedconfig table of the PanDA database. This was done by checking in changes 
or new files to the pandaconf SVN. Please read the following email carefully if you continue in a capacity that 
requires this ability. For those that have moved on to other responsibilities, my apologies for the spam. 

* As of tomorrow (sometime in the morning, US Central time), access to SVN modification will be removed as we transition to the AGIS (ATLAS Grid Information System) as the primary repository for site configuration storage and modification. I will send out an email to this effect when the change is finalized. This change will require you to familiarize yourself with the AGIS web interface (, where most site configuration changes will now be entered.

To learn how to make these changes, several resources are available at . You can even test-drive the interface, making changes on the AGIS Development Server ( which does not affect the production AGIS service. Once you are comfortable with your changes, you can commit them on the production server (

If you need detailed tutorials on the use of these tools, there are a number of video clips on the AGIS documentation page that will clarify further, with screen recordings of changes being made.

* You should be able to log into and use the AGIS system already, as the credentials from SVN have been passed to AGIS. If you find that your credentials are not in the AGIS system, please contact the ATLAS AGIS Support list ( for help, and include the DN from your grid certificate. This list will also be your point of contact for most site configuration issues, as well as any suggestions for their new service.

* The system will continue to work as before \x96 changes made in SVN were collected every 20 minutes and the schedconfig table was updated. This will continue to be the case, with the caveat that the update interval will decrease to every five minutes sometime in the next few weeks. Manual update requests will continue to be possible, as found in the schedconfig documentation ( Changes will continue to be reflected in the SVN, but only as a backup reference. Existing backup systems will also remain active.

* As another item of note: fields like status, nqueue, comment_ and space will continue to be modified via CURL. Instructions for this process remain here. AGIS will not be used as a source for these parameters.

* An API for AGIS exists, and documentation can be found at . That being said, please use the Web API for your first modifications.



This was followed later in the day by this announcement:

Dear all, this afternoon at around 17:49 write access to SchedConfigs repository has been closed.

All the modifications of Panda objects will be done through AGIS.

This is the AGIS overview of the PandaQueues You can find the instructions from the link on the top right corner ( If you have any questions feel free to write an email to We will improve our instructions following your most frequent questions.

Most of the users who had already access to svn have now access also to AGIS. If you experience problems, or you need to be granted privileges, please send us ( an email with your DN


Changing SchedConfig Parameters

Access to AGIS parameters for queues starts at the top URL: and is grid certificate controlled. Currently, Shawn and Bob are the only AGLT2 personnel allowed to change these.

From this URL, select the "PANDA Queue" link along the top of the screen. This is easily filtered using any of the boxes above columns to input search criteria. Alphabetically speaking, AGLT2 queues are all at the top. Select the queue to bring up a screen where parameters can be edited and saved.

-- BobBall - 06 Apr 2013
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